Vrigor and Mrigor

Hey ! 

This time you get two for one, here come the twins ! 

The first one to be converted was Mrigor, just  playing with the head of Sir Roboute on a Slaughterpriest "hmmmm it fits pretty well together ! " (ndlr, must be read with a strong French accent in mind) both of them have Stormcast legs and weapons too ! 

Vrigor's Mace (the one with the smoke ) is a piece from the Dark angel Terminator, and the back is made of few Skaven and  Empire  Free People bits put together with some added candles ! (plastic card with liquid greenstuff for the melted wax effect) and Flagellants bells. 

Green stuff for the part that are not on the candles !

For the paintjob I give you what I wrote for Kaethien :

for the skin : Cadian Fleshtone with a wash of Seraphim Sepia and lighted up with some elf flesh

for the blue :   base Sotek Green, shade of Coelia Greenshade , light of Sotek Green and edge and battle damages with Blue Horror

For the White : Base of Layer Administratum Grey highlighted with Ceramite White or white P3 with a drop of white ink Liquitex

For the Gold : Greedy Gold Army painter, Seraphim Sepia and agrax Earthshade to give some volume and lighted up with Greedy Gold and edge with Greedy gold + mithril silver

Silver : Gun metal Army painter, shade with Nuln Oil and light with mithril silver, with some very diluted Sotek Green To give a little blue reflect on the armor !

The bases are the Shattered Dominion 32mm round base.

It was on boat navigating the river that flows between the twin realms that their mother gave birth. Fleeing a herd of braymen, and under the arrows of the ungor raiders, the twins Mrigor and Vrigor bathed in winds of magic at the time of their birth. The magic of the realm influenced their being, Mrigor is the younger one by a couple of minutes. Unlike his brother he was born after the frontier between the realms had been crossed. Under the charm of Hysh, his skin coloured in warm tones, his face shaped with angelic features. As they were growing up together, differences in behaviour appeared. The Archbishop, did not nothing to prevent their personalities to diverge because in both of them he saw that the same purpose could live. Both of them would live to purge mankind from the heathens of the Ruinous Powers, and the decadent worshippers of Death. He united them, under his teachings and the faith in Sigmar. Unlike his brother, Mrigor eradicate heresy through Light. The sinister beheadings he does in the name of Sigmar, inflict fear in the heart of the heathens, and show them the way to righteousness.

- Vrigor, the first born, breathed his first instants in Ulgu's magic storm. Escaping death, his skin remained paler than Mrigor's, his mind shrouded in shadows. The shadow inhabiting Vrigor does not however equate to pure darkness. Vrigor, crushes his enemies, banishing them to the Realm of Shade like a burden too impure to resist Sigmar's holy light.

Only the Faithful !




The conversion for Eada came very intuitively, as the aim was to create a Assassin for AoS using the Callidus :) sadly there is not picture of the work in progress for this one, but I've tried to list the components I used to do this conversion. I hope it'll be to your liking.

I had to gather a couple of different bits:
The right arm is a mix of Skaven bits and Dark elves, as to the left one is made out of a corsair dagger.
The head is a standard skull which I had to cut to make it fit the head (which I also had to reshape a bit). The back pack is, if my memory serves me well, from a liberator kit, the boots needed some Greenstuff on its top to give more texture.
Finally the cloth and front scroll are just made out of green stuff, while the skirt (on her bottom), is just a simple freehand. Well we all know that going fully naked to war might be a bit risky, especially if you meet Slaanesh followers.

The paintjob:
 Skin : Cadian Fleshtone  with a wash of Seraphim Sepia, then enlightened with some Elf Flesh

The blue :  A base Sotek Green, shade of Coelia Greenshade , layer of Sotek Green and edge and battle damages with Blue Horror

The white : Base of Administratum Grey highlighted with Ceramite white or white P3 with a drop of white ink Liquitex

The Gold : Greedy Gold Army painter, Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade to give some volume then lightened up with Greedy Gold. The edge with Greedy gold + Mithril Silver

Silver : Gun metal Army painter, shade with Nuln Oil, light with Mithril Silver, then some very diluted Sotek Green so as to give a subtle of blue reflection on the armor !

 Eada's childhood was marked by violent brawls and an uncanny will to survive. Growing up in the gutters of Sunheim, she emerged as a rebellious child and successfully escaped the city through a lost realmgate leading to Ulgu as if somehow a darkness had called her.

No one knows what happened during her eight years journey in the realm of Shadow. But when she came back, her path lead her directly to imprisonment and torture. She was found by the Order lurking inside the city, her right arm cut to the elbow and dripping in blood. The Light-Sisters saw the markings on her, and recognised it as an orphan of Sunheim. They wanted to understand what had caused her to leave Sunheim, but even most importantly, what had brought her back...

Torture in the Free Cities of Hysh was also known as Enlightenement, decades of joint research from priests, alchemists and wizards had given birth to a particular type of holy water.  The archives of the Basilica have long since redacted and erased any involvement of the wizardry. The practictioners have perfected the art of extracting information, stains of heresy and darkness out of their prisoners. Whereas the priest drink the holy water with every meal of the day to fortify their mind, the impures suffer to drink it.

It was during one of these sessions, that Kaethien noticed something familiar in the traits of this stern young women they had caught. Even if she was suffering greatly from the taste of Ulgu being washed away, something almost pure seemed to glow inside her. Following her instinct and thus breaking the codes of the interrogation, she fetched a tin mirror and looked at their reflection. It was then crystal clear, that as different and intertwined as Ulgu and Hysh, her past and the one of that girl were linked. Her face was thinner, hardened by a life void of comfort and sufficient nourishment, but there was no doubt that she was her "dead" sister. After consulting with Hasonbeorn, the great Archbishop, she received the authorisation to shape her sister in the arts of war, and turn her as an ardent defender of the Basilica. Eada got religiously tortured, trained, and indoctrinated...this is the path of the Light order defenders.

Eada is a pure shadow, a shadow serving the light, bringing justice and hope in the darkest hours of the Age of Sigmar.

Eada is Kaethien's little sister. Unlike her sister's, Eada's childhood had not been an supervised by guardian. Unknown to her were the warmth of a home, or the love of a parental figure. If fate had blessed one of the siblings with luck, it seemed that Eada had drawn the short end of the stick.

Only the faithfull !


P.S. : Again, thanks to Morback for the pics!


Kaethien, Mother Superior

Hello everyone I'm Kristobal on this blog (also known as Wolidor or unknown as Christian Hardy)

You might wonder where you saw those miniatures before, well they were on "the Blog dé kouzes" during the Advent calendar 2017 in December with Les Kouzes and their awesome warband ! 

But now, I would like to make more heroes ( and units .... and "behemoths" ... )  for this warband during the coming months / years, so I collected the awesome pictures that Morback took of my first 5 miniatures and to start I will make few articles about them, and after that I will update with small articles about sculpting step by step, painting; or just showing the progress of my conversions ... please dont hesitate to ask questions I will try my best to answer you ! 

Of course this blog won't be exclusively about my warband, but everything about my hobby, so my armies ( DEATTHHHH POWWWAAAAAAAAA ) and few Golden demon entries ! Hopefully, more stuff in the future. And obviously it the blog of my two chaps, Morgol and Ninlives So I hope you will enjoy the adventure ! 

For me it's a perfect excuse to produce and to share my hobby. Enjoy ( PS : thanks a lot to Morgle and Ninelives for the blog and everything )

The first thing that I wanted to share with you was how I started this warband.  At the begining, it was mainly playing with bitz , but it bring me so far now on my project ... !

You can recognize few bits, the main is the Inquisitor Greyfax, the head come from on of the seraphim who follow Celestine, the Hammer head and the shield ( and the book ? probably from the flagellant kit ) come from the kit of the War Altar, The handle is a Drukhari lance bottom, there is few small bits too but I dont really remember ( the bird skull is probably from Ahriman's kit ).

For the hair and all the green bits it's Green Stuff, I might do a step by step of how I use it and what product I use with it sometime one day !

For the paintjob I will "just" give you few recipes, I'm quite intuitive when I am painting so maybe I will be wrong or not totally exact !

Skin : Cadian Fleshtone  with a wash of Seraphim Sepia and lightened with some elf flesh

Blue:   base Sotek Green, shade of Coelia Greenshade , light of Sotek Green and edge and battle damages with Blue Horror

White : Base of Layer Administratum Grey lightened with Ceramite white or white P3 with a drop of white ink Liquitex

Gold : Greedy Gold Army painter, Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade to give some volume and lighted up with Greedy Gold and edge with Greedy Gold + Mithril Silver

Silver : Gun metal Army painter, shade with Nuln Oil and light with mithril silver, with some very diluted Sotek Green to give a little blue reflect on the armor !

The bases are the Shattered Dominion 25 - 32 mm round base.

Favoured pupil of the Archbishop Hasonbeorn, she lead her Light-Sisters to war. In peace time, she manages security and guard of the sacrosanct Basilica. Kaethien received her spiritual and martial training from the Archbishop Himself. Looking up to him durian all these years, she became akin to a daughter to him. This paternal love however, is no condoned by the rules of the Basilica, allowing only the adoration for Sigmar to exist.

Kaethien officiate in the Order of the Light-Sisters as a Superior Mother. Her promotion to this title was incredibly fast, due to her uncanny ability to hunt down heretics. The former Mother of the Order was condemned following a closed hearing trial by none other than Kaethien herself, when she was only an apprentice. None knows the charge count, but the execution was approved by the archbishop himself. Was the heresy proven or was it a case of political maneuver, none knows. The answer lies maybe within the secret archives of the Grand Maester.

Har'la the gryph-hound follows her everywhere, also trained in tracking her scent.

Only the faithful !  


P.S.: thanks Morback for the pics


Verminlord Deceiver

The Verminlord Deceiver !

I always loved that miniature, though, I couldn't see myself buying it due to how fragile it looked...
So, the size was an issue... It might sounds stupid when obviously you want a "big guy".

It was thus, an opportunity to tweak it and find a cool pose and motion while having a coherent base with the rest of the army. Plus I wanted to carry it safely, and thus minimizing the space and volume the miniature may take in my Gw case.

Having processed that, the idea really came quickly with cutting the Verminlord in two... 
Risky bet, but I was convinced that, somehow, he could be pictured as "springing" from the earth and attacking a city; well "THE" cobbled city where my army and story takes life.

I remember cutting it just above both ankles. I had to glue the first part of the tail, and cut the rest. 
Several additional changes crossed my mind like changing the left arm for the pestilens version while keeping the throwing star. 

I first put, on the left hand part, my cobblestone layer, on wich I glued the Verminlord, I then added some green stuff around the now empty ankles to fix him to the base. 

Then started the messy stuff, I added GW sand, and bits of red brick (that you can find from your local Model Shop), and broken part of my cobblestones, to cover the ankles and the tail that are completely cut. It helped me hide part of the miniature, and add a bit of coherence to the fact that he destroyed part of the city and "flies" toward the rest of it.             

I added bigger stones that you can find with the GW sands and painted them in green (recipe found in older articles), to represent Warpstones.
I used different colors for my gold, with a base of Retributor Armor, I then added some Nuln Oil to darken it, and went for a second layer of pure Retributor Armor. I then added some Waywatcher Green, quite heavily on the recesses. Then a mix of Retributor and Runefang Steel on some edges. To finish with somes dots of Ryza Rust and Nihilakh Oxide here and there.

I added a bit of "life", using the ruin provided with the Verminlord kit, I also added the jumping rat that comes with the Greey Seer.



Assassins & Deathrunner

Eshin Hero time !

Well, this assassin is actually THE miniature that triggered enough motivation to start the whole Skaven army project.
I always loved that Greey Seer, but somehow, I was picturing him as an assassin.

I therefore used the following kit:
Screaming Bell: Greey Seer body; Bell
Spirit Hosts: Dague and Hand.

There is not much work here, I made the hoody and the "leather" on the wrist with Greenstuff. I of course had to remove the Greey Seer horns to make the hood fit.

The second assassin received simple modifications, the whole miniature comes from the Silver Tower Box set. Since I really did not like that Deathrunner when I first saw it, the idea of painting two was daunting. (Him + his reflection)
Frankly the concept of that rat, by itself looks far too much "Riktus or Mors" and could easily be converted into a Warlord.

Kristobal helped me overcome that situation and actually made some basic leathery lanyards out of green stuff to give an Eshin feeling to the miniature.

Painting wise there is nothing new, that's the same recipe I described on my first posts.

To finish, I use as my Skaven Deathrunner, the Gutter Runners from the Blood Bowl kit, their motion looks awesome and they look just fine as a representation of a Deathrunner, deadly, swift, plus they fit well in the Eshin range, and they are two of those in a box :D.



Gutter Runners ! Second wave !

Let's keep with the Eshin vibe, just because Ninja rats!

I got a crush on those ones really,
I used the following kits:
Plague Furnace: Skaven crew
Clanrats: 1 skaven bodies, weapons
DoomWheel: Skaven crew
Spirit Host: hands

I guess tackling those 5 guys was a joy, they are amongst the top Skaven made by GW during the past years, and by far the best Pestilens, I would love to see more of those and maybe one day having a wider range!
I mainly got rid of the horns and some bulbs, I used a bit of green stuff to make some more tissues and to lengthen their skirts (a bit unimaginative, but modelling a foot turned to be a disaster)

Even though they look dirty and Quasimodo-like, I really love them !

Putting things into perspective I noticed that they would have been perfect as a base for Skryre Acolyte. But hey, I'll use those to backstab my enemies !!

Cheers !


Gutter Runners ! First wave !

Let's HIDE !

The idea behind the crazily innovative and clumsy Skaven has always been cool, and the clan Skryre represents this concept extremely well. But let's face it... What's better than a NINJA RAT!

Yeah, you got it, I'm a huge fan of the Eshin concept. and I want it to be a core clan in my project. However the range is currently not so well "furbished", to say the least...
What does that mean? I have to use my modelling skills... And frankly, most of the time it's pretty tragic, although In the end I always end up convincing myself that I have to practice or else, get those terrible 30 years old gutter runners.

I think this project started thanks to Max Faleij work.
His step by step is just awesome, and gives a vibe of sneakery and Eshiness that represents perfectly what the Eshin clan is, to me.

By the way, the whole website is awesome !

I therefore used the following kits:
Plagueclaw Catapult: Rats
Island of Blood: Pack master body and some dagues
Spirit Host: Hands
The painting recipe is the same as usual.
The black is applied the following way: base of Abaddon Black, lining of Sotek Green, I enlighten it with a bit of Celestra Grey and I end up with pure Celestra Grey on the edges. The lighter your paint, the lesser you tend to apply it, as you don't want to cover the previous layer.
I tried as much as possible, to give a sneaky vibe just by repositioning the arms, hands and weapons. Most of the time the greenstuff is here to hide the joints between the arms and the hands. It's pretty messy but it looks okish in the end.

Cya rats !