Vrigor and Mrigor

Hey ! 

This time you get two for one, here come the twins ! 

The first one to be converted was Mrigor, just  playing with the head of Sir Roboute on a Slaughterpriest "hmmmm it fits pretty well together ! " (ndlr, must be read with a strong French accent in mind) both of them have Stormcast legs and weapons too ! 

Vrigor's Mace (the one with the smoke ) is a piece from the Dark angel Terminator, and the back is made of few Skaven and  Empire  Free People bits put together with some added candles ! (plastic card with liquid greenstuff for the melted wax effect) and Flagellants bells. 

Green stuff for the part that are not on the candles !

For the paintjob I give you what I wrote for Kaethien :

for the skin : Cadian Fleshtone with a wash of Seraphim Sepia and lighted up with some elf flesh

for the blue :   base Sotek Green, shade of Coelia Greenshade , light of Sotek Green and edge and battle damages with Blue Horror

For the White : Base of Layer Administratum Grey highlighted with Ceramite White or white P3 with a drop of white ink Liquitex

For the Gold : Greedy Gold Army painter, Seraphim Sepia and agrax Earthshade to give some volume and lighted up with Greedy Gold and edge with Greedy gold + mithril silver

Silver : Gun metal Army painter, shade with Nuln Oil and light with mithril silver, with some very diluted Sotek Green To give a little blue reflect on the armor !

The bases are the Shattered Dominion 32mm round base.

It was on boat navigating the river that flows between the twin realms that their mother gave birth. Fleeing a herd of braymen, and under the arrows of the ungor raiders, the twins Mrigor and Vrigor bathed in winds of magic at the time of their birth. The magic of the realm influenced their being, Mrigor is the younger one by a couple of minutes. Unlike his brother he was born after the frontier between the realms had been crossed. Under the charm of Hysh, his skin coloured in warm tones, his face shaped with angelic features. As they were growing up together, differences in behaviour appeared. The Archbishop, did not nothing to prevent their personalities to diverge because in both of them he saw that the same purpose could live. Both of them would live to purge mankind from the heathens of the Ruinous Powers, and the decadent worshippers of Death. He united them, under his teachings and the faith in Sigmar. Unlike his brother, Mrigor eradicate heresy through Light. The sinister beheadings he does in the name of Sigmar, inflict fear in the heart of the heathens, and show them the way to righteousness.

- Vrigor, the first born, breathed his first instants in Ulgu's magic storm. Escaping death, his skin remained paler than Mrigor's, his mind shrouded in shadows. The shadow inhabiting Vrigor does not however equate to pure darkness. Vrigor, crushes his enemies, banishing them to the Realm of Shade like a burden too impure to resist Sigmar's holy light.

Only the Faithful !


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  1. Gorgeous! These two were my favourite models from the Kouzes Advent Calendar last year. A real treat seeing them up close at WHF Düsseldorf.